My legs feel better when I use the FootFidget®. They don’t feel so stiff and my feet aren’t so cold after I use it.

Eva, 92, assistive living resident, IL,

I am a 17 year old energizer bunny! I am always moving whether I’m doing homework, taking a test or even just watching TV. When I discovered the FootFidget, it was life changing. I found so many different uses for it including stretches and exercises that were never before an option! The FootFidget has improved my focus, strength and overall health!

Now no matter what I'm doing I am always fidgeting!

Lauren, 17, Student, MA

The FootFidget® is a great tool that has helped my students that need
movement to stay focused and ready to learn. My students have
benefitted great from this opportunity in their ability to reach their
academic goals and overall learning success.

Bernadette, Teacher, IL,

I’ve used the FootFidget® with a few patients and received really positive feedback. Currently I am using it as a Home Exercise Program for one patient to complete during his down time at the facility for increasing lower extremity strength. I’ve used it with another patient to help promote venous return for edema management while sitting in the wheelchair. The portable nature is really nice for the Skilled Nursing Facility setting.

Sarah, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist, SNF, WA,