You know that sitting for long periods of time can cause some serious discomfort. After all, it probably happens to you at work on a regular basis. But at work, you can move around and adjust your position a lot more easily than you can on a plane. If you’re on a long flight–especially in economy class with limited leg room–adjusting and getting comfortable can be really difficult. Here are a few tips that will help prevent your legs and feet from becoming uncomfortable on a long flight.

Use a Footrest

Sitting with a footrest can significantly improve your foot and leg comfort on a long flight. Those few extra inches of elevation can improve blood flow to your feet. Plus, it provides you with some additional positions in which to place your feet, and sometimes, just switching up your position a tiny bit every now and then can make an incredible difference in your level of comfort. A moving or dynamic footrest takes this one step further. Gentle resistive exercise further increases blood flow in the feet, legs and core to improve comfort, and decrease low back pain.

Aisle seat

Get an Aisle Seat

While not everyone can afford to pay for extra leg room, there is a way to make your feet and legs more comfortable without spending an extra cent. Just select an aisle seat when choosing your seat on the airplane. By sacrificing that view of the clouds, you’ll be able to more easily get up and move around when your legs start to feel stiff. While you don’t want to be an inconvenience to your fellow passengers, getting up and walking along the aisle every hour or so can help to stretch your legs and get the blood moving again, helping you to stay more comfortable throughout the flight.

Wear Slip-Off Shoes

The shoes you wear on your flight can make a big difference in how comfortable you are during your flight. The best option is to wear a closed-toe, comfortable shoe that can easily be slipped off and on. This allows you to quickly and easily remove your shoes during flight for a little more comfort, but unlike flip-flops, you can wear socks as well, so your toes stay warm on the plane. (But please make sure you’re not wafting any foot odors throughout the aircraft. Nobody will thank you for that.)

Bring a Ball

When packing your carry-on, slip in a small, dense ball like a golf ball or whiffle ball. If your feet or legs start to cramp up mid-flight, use the ball to rub out any tension. You can roll the ball along the top of your thighs, or put it under your foot and roll it on the floor for a nice little foot massage. This will help keep the blood flowing and relieve some tension.

Wear Loose Pants

The pants you wear on your flight can be almost as important as your shoes when it comes to your foot and leg comfort. Wear loose, breathable pants that allow for easy movement while still keeping you warm. By not restricting your legs in tight or uncomfortable pants, you’ll keep blood flowing to your toes while also keeping the rest of your lower body nice and comfy.

So, if you’re planning on taking a long flight soon, keep these tips in mind. Pack a ball in your carry-on and find a  dynamic airplane footrest that you can slip in there as well. You’ll be grateful for these things during your flight. Contact the team at FootFidget for more helpful tips!