Sitting for prolonged periods of time is simply not good for you, but there are times when people are expected to sit. The classroom, office, and travel are common places in which sitting is often expected. Some classrooms and offices have replaced their sitting desks for standing desks. But what about travel on a plane or in a car? Fortunately, there is a new types of foot rests that can enhance health and comfort while traveling. Here are a five of the benefits.
Keep Moving while traveling

1. Improved Mental Awareness

When you’re just sitting, your circulation slows down. For long periods of time, prolonged sitting causes feelings of both mental and physical fatigue. Promoting better circulation through movement improves brain function, concentration, and memory. This allows you to reach your destination feeling more refreshed than fatigued!

2. Improve Physical Health

Slow, stagnant circulation in the legs and throughout the body is not healthy. Standing and movement promote the better circulation that is vital to health.

3. Better Ergonomics

Too much idle sitting promotes poor ergonomics, which can result in poor posture and low back pain. This dynamic footrest provides both core activation as well as gentle leg exercise, which improves posture and circulation. Practicing good ergonomics can offer noticeable benefits.

4. Expend Excess Energy

If you’re trapped in a sitting position too long, it’s easy to get fidgety and nervous. After all, your energy has to go somewhere. A solution to excess, unspent energy will make you calmer and more relaxed.
Keep Moving while traveling

5. Burn More Calories

Confinement in an idle sitting position reduces burning of calories, which is not good for your waistline. Boosting calorie burn during periods of sitting is highly advantageous.

Get the Benefits of Movement While Traveling

There are many benefits of standing and movement, but how can you expect to get similar benefits when flying in a plane or riding in a car for long distances? There’s a new type of dynamic foot rest that’s made for traveling. The foot rest allows for gentle foot, ankle,leg and core exercise while sitting during travel. Unlike the floor beneath your feel, the foot rest allows for mild resistive movement that can stimulate your muscles and circulation. This airplane footrest fits conveniently in the space under the seats on an airplane.

Enjoy Travel with Greater Comfort

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you should feel relaxed and comfortable. A travel foot rest can make your journeys more enjoyable. Visit Foot Fidget online today to see how your next trip can be your best ever with the FootFidget® Traveler Footrest.