There have been many articles about the health risks of sitting too much. Time spent sitting leads to greater risk of heart disease, obesity, and the problems associated with being overweight, such as unhealthy blood-sugar levels and type-2 diabetes. The resulting discomfort and decreased circulation also lead to poor focus and attention in the classroom.
Standing Desk

Standing Desks Help Reduce Risks

Researchers report that standing up intermittently during periods of sitting can immediately help reduce risks. Since our children spend much of the school day sitting, it makes sense to have stand up desks available for them. This type of desk offers a way to help combat the dangers of too much sitting at minimal cost without having to make huge disruptive changes in schedules and routines.

Improve Performance

Contradictory to self-reported expectations, participants in a study experienced greater interest, alertness, and enthusiasm when standing.

Movement helps students expel excess energy and focus. It actually helps them improve performance. Extended sedentary periods can negatively impact academic achievement and result in low self-esteem. The functions of the brain that form the foundation of academic performance related to attention and memory are improved by physical activity. Sitting, walking, and standing, with the body in proper alignment, promote learning and good health.

Student standing desks aid in increasing movement and reducing behavior problems which, in turn, results in improved education and better test scores.
Standing Desk

Standing Lowers Risk of Obesity

Prolonged periods of sitting slows the metabolism and promotes the accumulation of fat. The simple act of standing intermittently helps decrease the risk of obesity. Over the course of a year, the calories burned add up.

Standing Improves Mental Function, Mood, and Energy

To keep the mind healthy with a good memory, it’s important to avoid long periods of sitting. Standing and active movement aids memory, helps improve mood, and increases energy levels. With so many potential benefits, it’s time for classrooms to include standing desks for students. This standing desk conversion kit is cost effective, and comes with the dynamic FootFidget® Footrest which provides proprioceptive input, which in turn further improves focus, memory, attention and excess ‘fidgety’ energy. Check out our website for more information: