Physical therapist Robin Singer, who also happens to be the co-owner and inventor of FootFidget, is passionate about teaching people how to incorporate movement into their daily lives. In this article published on – a website that gets millions of visitors each month – Singer focused her advice on spring break travel tips for your legs and feet.

No one enjoys sitting in a confined space for hours. In addition to feeling fidgety, Singer noted that it can also cause dangerous blood clots. These are just a few of the reasons she gave for finding ways to move especially during long flights.

“Promoting better circulation through movement improves overall health. Movement enables you to reach your destination feeling more refreshed than fatigued,” she said, adding “Moving instead of sitting idle also relaxes you, boosts caloric output (burn more calories) and even improves brain function, concentration and memory!”  

Her long list of tips included staying hydrated to help reduce swollen feet and fatigue, and bringing a small ball to rub away tension. Singer also explained why readers should bring FootFidget Travel foot rest onboard their next flight. “Today, more travelers are using the FootFidget Travel foot rest which allows for mild resistive movement to your legs that can stimulate your muscles and circulation, increasing blood flow in the feet, legs and core to improve comfort without fatigue. It also decreases low back pain. This foot rest fits conveniently in the space under the airplane seat in front of you (with room to spare).”

Not mentioned in this article but definitely worth noting: The travel version can also be used by college students in tight lecture halls!