Many thanks to the travel pros at for ranking Traveler FootFidget among the 16 best travel accessories! This article focuses on the latest/greatest things to take with you that will improve your travel experience. From a portable French-press style coffee maker to lightweight but high-capacity bags, these are some incredible finds! But FootFidget is the only accessory on this list that enables travelers to enhance health and comfort during long flights or drives.

The article notes, “Perfect to use as an airplane footrest or bus footrest, the Traveler FootFidget ensures your body remains active while traveling. While other airplane travel accessories may be hard to pack, this unit stores easily in your luggage or can be carried assembled in its own tote bag. The travel foot rest is easy to use and makes your travel experience much more enjoyable.”

The FootFidget allows for mild resistive movement that can stimulate your muscles and circulation, increasing blood flow in the feet, legs and core to improve comfort. It also decreases leg and foot pain as well as low back pain. The Traveler fits conveniently in the space under the seat in front of you (with room to spare) and is quiet so you don’t disturb others nearby.

Moving instead of sitting idle also relaxes you and boosts your calorie burn. Movement also enables you to reach your destination feeling more refreshed than fatigued. When you get one for yourself, also remember the college student in your life. This compact foot rest is ideal for use in lecture halls.