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Get a grant for A Standing Desk Conversion Kit and a FootFidget®
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With educational funding stretched thin, finding ways to raise money for needed classroom equipment might seem like a challenge, but it may be easier and more available than you think. PTO’s are great at raising money for tight classroom budgets. Some of the grant sources listed below may seem like a stretch, but if you think creatively, or have a good grant writer on board, you may be surprised at how many of them will be applicable. Obviously we cannot list all granting sources for each state or region, so check within your area for a state or private organization knowledgeable about funding sources.

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What Researchers Are Saying

“I think I can learn more when I can stand up to do my work. I can fidget with my FootFidget® and still write and read. I’m a good student now and everyone knows it!”

Jessica – 6th grade girl.