Attachable FootFidget® Footrest

The Attachable FootFidget® is a dynamic Footrest that that attaches to the 4 legs of a classroom desk with minimal adjustments. The positioning of the device in the middle of the desk space provides correct ergonomic positioning and proprioceptive input. The design is black and is quiet with use, so it’s non-distracting in the classroom. The result provides a calming effect while also increasing focus, attention, concentration, and memory.

Attachable FootFidget® Footrest comes with:
• One set of custom Black Resistive Bands
• One cushioned foot rest
• 4 heavy duty clamps and hooks to secure the FootFidget® bands to
the desk
• 4 heavy plastic cups to cover the clamps for safety
• Tools for assembly
• Assembly Instructions and hardware


Restocking fee of 15% will be applied for returns other than for manufacturers defect.
We deliver only within the Continental United States. Please contact us at info@footfidget.com for a listing of our distributors who will deliver to your country.