FootFidget® 2.0 Footrest Designed by Physical Therapists

A Second generation FootFidget® Dynamic FootRest with quick and easy installation, providing the same great results!

Vitally important to the benefits of the FootFidget® 2.0 is the design.

It is the only devise on the market that is ergonomically correct in placement and design. It is positioned between the 4 legs of the desk in the center of the leg space of the desk.

This allows the student to press straight down at a 90-90-90 position (‘Ready to Learn’) providing the ideal proprioceptive input while sitting. The result provides a calming effect while also increasing Focus, Attention, Concentration, Memory, Posture, Comfort.


The FootFidget 2.0 FootRest Provides:

* New Attachment Sleeve Design snaps onto the 4 legs of existing desk, quick and easy!.

* Improves Focus, Attention, Concentration, Memory (proprioceptive input).

* Provides safe, ergonomic placement in middle of desk space.

* Provides 3 adjustable heights for Comfort.

* Design is black, quiet and non-distracting in the classroom.

* Quick and easy to install-no tools required.

* Students are seated in a 90-90-90 ‘ready to learn’ position.

* Provides true proprioceptive input to improve students focus, attention, concentration and memory

* Provides Core activation which improves posture.

* Provides just the right amount of resistance to allow students to expel excess ‘fidgety’ energy without becoming fatigued throughout the day.