Office FootFidget® (use sitting or standing, 2 set of bands)

A dynamic Footrest that comes with its own sturdy light weight metal stand with 3 adjustable heights and has more choice and flexibility with 2 sets of resistance bands providing a greater variety of resistance. More researchers are establishing a direct link between the physical activity of fidgeting and cognitive improvements in the areas of focus, learning, creativity, and productivity. This office footrest can help increase productivity in the workplace by keeping you engaged and active all day long.

Office FootFidget® Footrest comes with:
• One sturdy black frame with 3 notches for height adjustment
• Two (2) sets of Bands: One (1) set of Black bands (Medium resistance)
PLUS One (1) set of Yellow Bands (Heavy resistance)
• One cushioned foot rest
• This unit can be used sitting or standing
• Assembly instructions


Restocking fee of 15% will be applied for returns other than for manufacturers defect.
We deliver only within the Continental United States. Please contact us at info@footfidget.com for a listing of our distributors who will deliver to your country.