FootFidget® Standing Desk Conversion Kit 2.0 (Includes the FootFidget® 2.0 FootRest)

Designed by Physical Therapists

Convert your Classroom Desk Tops into Standing Desks, Economically!

The combination of a Standing Desk and a Dynamic FootRest can have a positive effect on student’s focus, attention & success in school!

‘Go-Green’ and save money by recycling your current Desk top! Simply replace the short desk legs with the Kits custom long leg extensions provided, attach the FootFidget® 2.0 and

Students are ‘Ready to Learn”!

Designed and manufactured by a Woman owned Company in the U.S.A.    


1″ Diameter, 19″ Long Leg    ADD TO CART

1″ Diameter, 24″ Long Leg     ADD TO CART

7/8″ Diameter, 24″ Long Leg     ADD TO CART

The Kit and FootFidget® 2.0 provide:

* Ergonomically correct standing position w/one leg raised

* Improved Focus, Attention, Memory w/ fidgeting

* Core and postural activation for comfort through the day

*Ability to Expend Excess Energy – calming effect

* Improved circulation to improve brain function

* Increased caloric output-combat childhood obesity

The FootFidget® 2.0 is NEW and IMPROVED!

New Design Easily Attaches to the 4 legs of the desk legs! Provides safe, ergonomic placement in middle of desk space, with one leg flexed for comfort reducing low back strain. Provides gentle resistive movement (Proprioceptive input) to improve Circulation and Cognitive Function-including improved focus, memory, and attention! Expells excess figity energy to improve ability to attend in class, without fatigue.

Additional Benefits: The continuity in the desk top appearance is maintained reducing possible stigma. The cost savings encourage purchasing several standing desk kits per classroom (suggest along rear of classroom) providing all students the ability to take in-class movement breaks, reducing lost face-to-face learning time out of the classroom!

*Measure the Outside diameter of short leg you remove from desk to determine if you need a 1.0” or 7/8” diameter leg extension. Measure carefully!

*This kit not suitable for square or wooden legs. Desk height raises up to 41 ½” depending on desk style.

* Please refer to Measuring guide to ensure you order the correct size leg extensions!