The FootFidget® Pro

The Pro FootFidget® was designed by Physical Therapists for Physical and Occupational therapists to use in the clinic or home programs. The Total Body Exerciser comes with its own sturdy light weight metal stand with 3 adjustable heights, and 3 sets of varied resistance bands.

The 3 sets of bands can be used singularly or in any combination to provide the exact amount of resistance needed for use as a Total Body Exerciser in any position. This device is very light, portable, and height adjustable. Included is a page of exercise examples – lower and upper extremity, core exercises, and balancing activities to get you started.


An Exercise model for use by P.T.’s and O.T.’s in the clinic or home programs.



  • Use as a diagnostic tool measuring progress
  • Tool for balance and core strengthening program
  • Lightweight portable design easily moves throughout clinic
  • Provides exercise options for difficult to position patients
  • Allows challenging positioning while exercising high level patients
  • Easily integrated into home programs

* Warm up activity for LE’s prior to gait training

* Can be utilized by the Home Health Rehab Therapist.

* Add a variety of exercise options to your practice

* Included is a page of exercise examples (lower and upper

extremity, core exercises and balancing activities) to initiate

an understanding of the infinite options, benefits and

applications this