The Portable FootFidget® Footrest (use sitting or standing, 1 set of bands)

The FootFidget® Portable comes with its own sturdy light weight metal stand with 3 adjustable heights, a set of elastic bands and a FootRest. This portable device can be used either sitting or standing, at school or at home.

Older students can use this device sitting at group tables, lab rooms or students who transfer between classrooms. Students who use a FootFidget® at school may also benefit from a Footfidget® at home to facilitate doing homework.




* Provides safe, ergonomic placement in middle of desk space.
* Provides true proprioceptive input to improve students Focus, Attention, Concentration, Memory.
* Provides Core activation which improves posture and comfort.
* Provides just the right amount of resistance to allow students to expel excess ‘fidgety’ energy, without becoming fatigued throughout the day.
* Provides 3 adjustable heights for Comfort.
* Design is black, quiet and non-distracting in the classroom.
* Students are seated in a 90-90-90 ‘ready to learn’ position.
* Research determined that users burn an average of 30% more calories than sitting alone while sitting. Benefits will further increase while standing.
* The FootFidget® is a ‘non-exercise activity’ which can be used throughout the day to provide increased health benefits, without fatigue.

Standing-additional Benefits:
* Ergonomically correct standing position w/one leg raised-decrease back strain.
* Improved Focus, Attention, Concentration, Memory w/ fidgeting
* Core and postural activation for comfort through the day
* Ability to Expend Excess Energy – calming effect
* Improved circulation to improve brain function
* Increased caloric output-combat childhood obesity (Average 30% increase).

NOTE: The FootFidget® Portable is not recommended for younger students or students with any behavioral concerns, as it is not attached to the desk. In these instances, we recommend the FootFidget® 2.0 that attaches to the desk legs.