Traveler FootFidget®

Traveler FootFidget® was a result of constant requests for a small, extremely portable unit that could be used on planes and other transportation. The concept is to facilitate gentle exercise to the legs to offset the health concerns with prolonged sitting in tight spaces. Perfect to use as an airplane footrest or bus footrest, the Traveler FootFidget® ensures your body remains active while traveling. While other airplane travel accessories may be hard to pack, this unit stores easily in your luggage or can be carried assembled in its own Tote bag. Our travel foot rest is easy to use and makes your travel experience much more enjoyable. College students have requested a compact foot rest as they report they have limited foot/leg space in lecture halls, and the smaller size would provide increased portability. No tools are required to assemble/disassemble, and it comes with its own Tote bag!



  • Designed by Physical Therapists as a preventative device to enhance health and comfort while traveling.
  • Facilitate gentle exercise to the legs to increase circulation and blood flow to offset sedentary health concerns.
  • Increased circulation in lower extremities to help prevent ankle/lower leg swelling (lymphedema) and blood clots (DVT)
  • Provides core activation to decrease low back strain
  • Gentle resistive movement reduces hip, knee and ankle discomfort/stiffness
  • Promotes improved overall comfort and increased endorphins to reduce anxiety
  • Burns calories when you would typically be just sitting still
  • Design provides just the right movement and resistance for increased comfort and circulation without fatigue
  • The Frame Fits comfortably under the Airline seat in front of you
  • The subtle movement does not disturb fellow passengers around you
  • College students benefit from this smaller size in lecture halls with limited foot/leg space.
  • The smaller size and Travel Tote Bag provide increased portability!
  • The Traveler comes w/its own Travel Tote Bag and is considered a preventative medical device for travel.
  • Requires No tools to Assemble/Disassemble, highly Portable, light and Travel Friendly.