Traveler FootFidget®

Traveler FootFidget® was a result of constant requests for a small, extremely portable unit that could be used on planes and other transportation. The concept is to facilitate gentle exercise to the legs to offset the health concerns with prolonged sitting in tight spaces. Perfect to use as an airplane footrest or bus footrest, the Traveler FootFidget® ensures your body remains active while traveling. While other airplane travel accessories may be hard to pack, this unit stores easily in your luggage or can be carried assembled in its own Tote bag. Our travel foot rest is easy to use and makes your travel experience much more enjoyable. College students have requested a compact foot rest as they report they have limited foot/leg space in lecture halls, and the smaller size would provide increased portability. No tools are required to assemble/disassemble, and it comes with its own Tote bag!


Traveler FootFidget® Footrest comes with:

• One sturdy Freestanding Metal Frame designed to be
portable and lightweight.
• The stand has 1 notch and has approx. ½ the footprint of the
Portable FootFidget®. It is designed for use in smaller spaces.
• Blue resistance band and cushioned foot rest
• It even comes in its own travel bag