Teacher and Therapist Testimonials:

”The Standing Desk Conversion Kit and FootFidget® footrest are an intuitive answer to what physical and occupational therapists have known for years. Fidgeting helps focus. Movement (standing) has positive effects on concentration, memory, posture, mood, obesity, while decreasing negative behaviors in the classroom. It is the student of tomorrow who will be the recipient of a classroom that is truly set up to facilitate and support learning.”
Susan – School based Physical Therapist

“As an Occupational Therapist working in schools, I know that the benefits of standing and fidgeting in the classroom are significant. Benefits include enhanced mental focus, improved posture, increased energy and caloric output, as well as improvements in handwriting and attention as a partial list.”
Kathy – School based occupational therapist

“I think every classroom needs to have at least a group of standing desks and FootFidgets® for the students to take a break. Some students need to have a dedicated desk because they need them all the time. It just makes sense that sitting at these school desks makes the students so uncomfortable that it is hard to focus and learn. They need to move!”
Lorie – 3rd grade teacher

“Kids today just are use to such a fast paced environment (electronic games, ipads, etc.) that to ask these kids to come into school and sit still and expect them to be able to focus and learn is unrealistic. As soon as I brought in the Standing Desk Conversion Kits and FootFidgets®, every student in my class wanted to try it. Now I have my back row all standing desks. Some students use them all the time, others are available so that the students can go back and use them when they need a break. My classroom now feels like there is an energy of learning because the kids are happy and much more enthusiastic about learning and school in general.”
George – 6th grade teacher

“Until someone mentioned it, I never realized that I never sit to teach. I walk around the room and lecture and talk. I could never teach by sitting at a desk! How can I expect my students to learn sitting?”
Linda – 7th grade teacher

“It has been a wonderful transformation in my classroom when the Standing Desk Conversion Kits and FootFidgets® arrived at our school. The students in my class love using them, and it has improved the attention and decreased the negative behaviors significantly!”
2nd grade teacher

“The FootFidget® footrest has the perfect movement to facilitate core activation and to decrease low back stress, as well as allowing the student to fidget and channel their excess energy. Combined with the standing desk, students improve their attention and focus in the classroom.”
Terry – School based physical therapist

“The Standing Desk Conversion Kit is great. It was quick and easy to convert some of my classroom desks to standing desks. The desks blend into the classroom because they are the classroom desk, just a little higher. My students love that they have the choice to stand or to sit. The FootFidget® provides a way to release some energy. All my students want to use the standing desks.”
Mark – Teacher of 4th grade class

Student Testimonials:

“I had trouble paying attention in class. I hate sitting still and just sitting there in that hard chair. Now that I am using my standing desk, I can do better. I can stand or sit (on the stool) and I can use my FootFidget® to help me pay attention more. I love it!
Robert – 5th grade boy

“I just love my standing desk and FootFidget®! It is so cool that I can stand up in class and not get in trouble. My FootFidget® helps me to pay attention more. I don’t know why it helps me so much, but it does. Now everyone in class wants to have a standing desk!”
Sam – 3rd grade boy

“I think I can learn more when I can stand up to do my work. I can fidget with my FootFidget® and still write and read. I’m a good student now and everyone knows it!”
Jessica – 6th grade girl

“I hated being in class because I can’t sit still so long…it’s so boring. I kinda like school because I can stand up and move around a little. I use my FootFidget® a lot to help me pay attention.”
Jacob – 4nd grade boy

“I hated when my teacher called my name because I couldn’t sit still. Now that I can stand up I can pay attention a lot better. I really like my FootFidget® because it helps me get my extra energy out so I don’t get in trouble!”
Tyler – 4th grade boy

Article-based related Testimonials:

Research is starting to mount that movement facilitates focus. We are confident that daily cardiovascular exercise changes the brain and improves concentration and memory. We are gathering anecdotal evidence from counter-intuitive studies that show moving and changing perspective improves learning and memory, chewing gum improves working memory and attention, doodling improves auditory attention, and fidgeting improves focus. These studies cannot fully portray the many examples of people, young and old, who have learned that fidgeting improves focus. How fidget strategies are used in the classroom is critical for effective classroom management. This idea (of a stand up desk) challenges the antiquated notion that we must sit still in order to pay attention and learn.
Roland Rotz, Ph.D., co-author of Fidget to Focus: Outwit Your Boredom

“One thing Dr. Rotz and I dream of is that Fidget to Focusone day will be required reading for every elementary and high school teacher. Imagine how the school experience would change for all children if teachers understood the neuro-biological reason for fidgeting and and used fidgeting to enhance learning rather than trying to eliminate it! This month we got one step closer to that dream.”
Sarah Wright (Co-author of Fidget to Focus).

“Fidgeting to stay focused…Imagine that! Sounds counterintuitive, but that is just what Dr. Rotz and Coach Sarah Wright are recommending in their new book, Fidget to Focus. Advocating repetitive sensory-motor activities as a fundamental strategy for improving attention and other cognitive abilities, they present a unique and fun way to turn outer chaos to calm focus.”
Patricia O. Quinn, MD – Director, National Center for Gender Issues and ADHD

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