The FootFidget® Pro

The ‘Pro Total Body Exerciser’ was designed by Physical Therapists, and provides exciting new options and versatility to meet the exercise needs of any rehabilitation goals regardless of age, height, weight or level of fitness.

FootFidget® Pro
FootFidget® Pro for Patients
FootFidget® Pro for Exercise

A Versatile Exercise Device

Three sets of resistance bands are included- light (blue), medium (black), and heavy (yellow) can be used singularly or in any combination to provide the exact amount of resistance needed for use as a Total Body Exerciser in any position, that is portable and height adjustable.

Health care professionals (Physical and Occupational Therapists) can use this unique, versatile device for patients including both fine and gross motor goals. This can include addressing balance, core strengthening, upper and lower extremity strengthening. This Style can be used in any position for exercise purposes: sitting, standing, prone, supine, side-lying, quadruped, etc.

The Portable FootFidget® Pro Comes with:

• One sturdy black frame with 3 notches for height adjustment

• Three (3) sets of Bands
One (1) set of Black bands (Medium resistance)
One (1) set of Yellow Bands (Heavy resistance)
One (1) set of Blue Bands (Light resistance)
• A list of suggested exercises
(for 4 extremities, core and balance included)

Provides New Options to Meet the Treatment Needs of a Variety of Patients

This device can be utilized to provide exercise for difficult to position patients or to provide challenging positions while exercising higher level patients. It provides just the right resistance in whatever position it is needed!

• The FootFidget® Pro can be used as a diagnostic tool measuring progress

• Add another tool to your balance program and core strengthening

• Use the FootFidget® Pro for a pre-gait warm up

• Use the FootFidget® Pro with your Home Program

• The FootFidget® Pro can be used with the patient in virtually any position to isolate previously difficult muscle groups with either upper or lower extremities

• Benefits of utilizing the FootFidget® Pro while sitting/standing for long periods to decrease LB strain and increase circulation, focus and comfort

• The lightweight portable design of the FootFidget® Pro allows the device to be easily moved throughout the clinic.

See for Yourself How the FootFidget® Pro is an Innovative Exercise Device

The FootFidget® Pro is an exercise device that has infinite options, benefits and applications to add variety to your practice. Let your professional imagination inspire you while benefitting your patients.

Comes with a list of suggested exercises to get you started!