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Get Moving with FootFidget®

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Latest News And Research

  • Nonexercise Activity Thermogenesis for obesity management
    NEAT is an important component of daily calorie consumption.  NEAT activities such as  fidgeting, walking, and standing can result in up to an extra 2000 kcals of expenditure per day. Click here for more info.  ...
  • Study on menopausal women link increased sitting time to increased mortality
    In the May Journal of Public Health, York University researchers in Toronto studied the mortality of menopausal women, ages 50-79, over a 15 year period.  Those who were categorized initially as low sitting time women had a 51% lower risk of all cause mortality and a 48% lower risk of cancer mortality than those categorized as high sitting time women.  Those who reduced their sitting time resulted in a 29% lower risk of all cause mortality and 27% lower risk of cancer mortality. Click here for more information....
  • Stand for 2 Hours Every Workday
    According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, workers need to stand at least two hours per day to counteract the negative health effects of sitting for the rest of the day.    Click for more info....
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