Puppy with FootFidget

As a woman-owned company, we help students get through their school day in the easiest way possible. We help adults concentrate better at work, and we help seniors stay active. We empower everyone to be healthier and more successful, no matter where they spend their day.


We prioritize outstanding customer service and designing the highest-quality, safest, and most durable products on the market.

Our education and background as physical therapists mean our product design is medically based and ergonomically correct, unlike other products on the market.

We sold one of the first FootFidgets® to a physical therapist in Florida. Her student would kneel on his chair and then do a cartwheel over his desk, landing on the floor. After the FootFidget® was attached to his desk, he didn’t do any more kneeling or cartwheels. He just fidgeted with his feet all day. The student, teacher, and therapist were all happy. 

The FootFidget® footrest is the first product designed for students who can’t sit still. It’s also the only product designed by two physical therapists. Our medical knowledge and teaching experience help kids move in the safest, most productive way.

Working together for a school district in northern Illinois, physical therapists Robin Singer and Kathy Spinabella responded to teachers’ call for help.

Up to 7-10 percent of American students have been diagnosed with ADHD, and they need to move to be successful students. When the usual methods like seat cushions, ball chairs, and hand fidgets didn’t work, Robin and Kathy formed a company together: Classroom Seating Solutions, doing business as FootFidget®. They invented a new, ergonomic way to help kids fidget. 

They initially researched and designed the Standing Desk Conversion Kit with the FootFidget® attachable footrest to aid students in the classroom. They wanted a way to enable ergonomic positioning and exacting resistance with proprioceptive movement to facilitate learning in the school setting. And they wanted to make their products affordable.   

Classroom Seating Solutions was in the forefront of the industry, showing how movement in the classroom such as standing and purposeful fidgeting with the legs (instead of the hands) allowed students to combat the sedentary nature of the classroom. 

The concept is to encourage movement (with proprioceptive input) and standing to increase focus, attention, alertness, cognitive functioning, memory, and comfort through ergonomic positioning. The increased activity could also provide a positive influence on the childhood obesity epidemic.  

When students move and stand in the classroom, they are better able to focus, stay alert, pay attention, remember things, stay calm, and reduce their excess energy. FootFidget® products boost students’ success.

The response and benefits to students have been outstanding, bringing students the needed alternative to be successful in the classroom. Requests flooded in for a portable FootFidget® that could be used by teachers, office staff, and students at home, resulting in our FootFidget® Portable and Traveler product lines.

Standing desk

Research has found that students using a standing desk as well as a dynamic footrest provides more benefits than standing alone with ergonomic positioning and improved circulation. FootFidget® is the only company that offers these products together for maximum success and improved health.

Our footrests are ergonomically designed to fit all four legs of the desk in an “X” design, designed with just the right amount of resistance to expel excess energy while increasing focus. Similar products attached to only two legs do not provide ergonomic support or durability. The ‘X’ design provides safe and correct ergonomic positioning and provides leg and core activation to improve circulation and overall health.

FootFidget® offers standing desk conversion kits and footrests for students, office workers, travelers, seniors, and physical and occupational therapists to
use professionally.