Seniors exercising

Increase circulation to improve heart health, brain function, focus, and alertness

Sitting slows circulation and causes health Issues. This can especially be a concern for the elderly when they sit too much. Decreased circulation contributes to obesity and a decline in mental alertness. FootFidget® products provide gentle, non-fatiguing exercise that can be done by any age or fitness level.

Active sitting, or fidgeting while sitting, increases circulation, improves mood and alertness, and promotes brain and heart health. FootFidgeting® helps seniors stay healthier and able to enjoy more of life’s joys.

  • Improve seniors’ balance and overall conditioning
  • Increase circulation to seniors’ brains to reduce confusion and increase overall alertness with daily activities
  • Reduce deconditioning and increase overall leg strength, core strength, and balance
  • Decrease leg edema and chance of deep vein thrombosis
  • Improve comfort and decrease low back pain with prolonged sitting
  • Use as pre-gait exercise to increase circulation, muscle activation, and ambulation

FootFidget® Portable

Elderly man with FootFidget

The FootFidget® Portable increases circulation, focus, and comfort. The lightweight, portable design allows the device to be easily used anywhere. The Portable comes with two medium-resistance bands. Read more on the product page.

FootFidget® Professional

Pro at work

If you are a physical or occupational therapist working with the elderly either in assisted living or home health, the FootFidget® Professional will make your job so much easier!

The FootFidget® Pro’s lightweight metal frame allows the device to be easily moved throughout a nursing home or assisted living center. It comes with three sets of bands with different levels of resistance and can also be used as a balance and exercise device. Learn more on the product page.