Physical therapists designed FootFidget® products with ergonomic positioning and safety in mind. 

They improve your circulation and overall health, no matter where you spend your day!

Award-winning FootFidget® products are designed and assembled in the USA by a woman-owned physical therapy company. They were the first patented, ergonomic foot-fidgeting products on the market, introduced in 2010 at the American Occupational Therapy Association conference.


Which FootFidget® product will keep you more energized, focused, healthy, and successful?

FootFidget Office

FootFidget® Office
(two sets of bands)

Pro at work

FootFidget® Professional
(three sets of bands)

How do you spend your day?

Pick your day and find out which FootFidget® products can help you:

Dog on Traveler
  • Classroom: Provide an active classroom to help students improve focus and attention
  • Office: Improve your comfort, focus, and alertness all day long while sitting or standing at work
  • Home: Maintain good circulation sitting at home with TV or leisure activities
  • Therapists: Use FootFidgets® in clinics and when working in schools for IEP goals
  • Nursing homes: Keep seniors active, alert, and healthier
  • Travel and lectures: Stay healthier when sitting in confined spaces

Our products provide:

How are FootFidget® products better than the knockoffs?

 High-quality FootFidget® products provide the health benefits that the knockoffs only claim to – at a great price! 

  • First on the market designed by physical therapists and grounded in science, ergonomics, and safety
  • Attaches to all four legs of a desk for ergonomically correct positioning
  • Perfect amount of resistance, movement, and sensory input to increase focus, attention, and memory
  • Exercises large leg and core muscle groups, increasing circulation and calorie burn and improving posture 
  • Helps sedentary lifestyles be healthier
  • A cost-effective, green way to turn existing desktops into standing desks
  • Designed and made in the USA (FootFidget® 2.0)