Good circulation is the key to good health.

Prolonged sitting decreases circulation, which can cause blood clots, heart disease, and obesity.

Using FootFidget® products at home can:

  • Increase circulation and balance, improve heart health and brain function, and reduce leg swelling and deconditioning
  • Offer gentle exercise that can be done while sitting anywhere at home
  • Decrease low back pain with prolonged sitting
  • Contribute to an active lifestyle, strongly encouraged by the Mayo Clinic
  • Increase overall leg and core strength
  • Reduce leg edema and chance of deep vein thrombosis

FootFidget® Portable

Young man in portable

The FootFidget® Portable increases circulation, focus, and comfort. The lightweight, portable design allows the device to be easily used anywhere. The Portable comes with one set of medium-resistance bands.

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FootFidget® Office

FootFidget Office

Our most versatile product: a fidget foot rest and leg exerciser with a lightweight metal frame for adults and older students.

The Office comes with two sets of medium- and heavy-resistance bands for standing or sitting at the office or at home.

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