Robin Singer, PT

In my junior year my mom fell and crushed her ankle. I attended her physical therapy sessions with her. As a physical therapist, I knew I would show the compassion, motivation, and dedication that patients of all ages need and deserve.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked in rehabilitation, acute care, burn clinics, early intervention, home care, hippotherapy, military hospitals and assisted living, and pediatrics and schools. I motivate patients of all ages with a mix of humor, joy, dedication, and knowledge. I especially love working with kids, knowing I can improve their quality of life!

I enjoy finding imaginative ways to motivate patients, especially kids, through challenges or games. I’ve designed and developed gross motor programs for parents, teachers, and schools. I developed a seasonal gross motor activity guide for parents of little ones who need help to get stronger and improve their balance and coordination. I love motivating kids to play hard, making therapy fun while being highly effective in reaching their goals.

As a physical therapist with a master’s in teaching, I am proud of our high-quality products. Inventing, manufacturing, and selling FootFidget® products has been an exciting process. The ergonomic positioning and resistive movement sets people up for a brighter future. I’m thrilled when we introduce new design improvements to our products and our customers are delighted.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family, gardening, reading, traveling, hiking, horseback riding, skiing and sports of all kinds while enjoying the great outdoors in Maine. I have volunteered to act as a professional resource person for local school boards. I also volunteer with several of the local volunteer organizations which support the care and preservation of our beautiful state for generations to come!

M.A., Teaching and Leadership, Saint Xavier University
B.S., Physical Therapy, University of Pennsylvania