How it Works

Poor Posture = Poor Attention

Everyone intuitively realizes that attention, focus, and physical comfort are important for a student to be successful at school, and even more so for children who have special needs. Working as physical therapists in a school setting, we have serviced classrooms with diverse student populations whose seating needs are as different as their learning styles.

Turn Your Classroom into an Active Classroom

Research shows students who stand up, move, and fidget in the classroom have more focus and success at school-the student’s performance will improve. That’s why we developed the Patented Standing Desk Conversion Kit and the FootFidget® Footrest series!

Student Seating Needs Can Be as Different as Their Learning Styles. As experienced School Therapists we know that attention, focus, and physical comfort are important for a student to be successful at school.

When a student is in an ergonomically correct position that supports their learning style and comfort, their performance will improve in the classroom and their entire school experience will be enhanced. Set your students up for success by offering them the seating choice that best suits them!

Sitting or standing, our Standing Desk Conversion Kit and FootFidget® Footrest series can position your students to succeed.

FootFidget® Products to Benefit Your Student in the Classroom
Three Products to Match Your Students Needs

Standing Desk Conversion Kit with the Attachable FootFidget®

Standing Desk Conversion Kit
With the Attachable FootFidget®

Go green and save money by turning your present classroom desk into a Standing Desk which comes with the Attachable FootFidget®. The Conversion Kit combines the benefits of standing and fidgeting, allowing students to move and channel their energy while improving attention and focus.

Attachable FootFidget®

Attachable FootFidget®
Use sitting at a desk

Use as a dynamic footrest that attaches to an existing classroom desk with minimal adjustments. Students realize proprioceptive input and energy releasing, focus attaining movement while sitting, leaving their hands free for work.

Portable FootFidget®

Portable FootFidget®
Use sitting or standing

Comes with its own sturdy light weight metal stand with 3 adjustable heights to use either sitting or standing. To be used at school by older students who sit at group tables, in lab rooms, or students who transfer between classrooms*. NEAT™ Certified.

FootFidget® Products to Benefit Adults at Their Office Desk, While Traveling, or When Working Out

Office FootFidget®
(2 sets of bands for adult use)

Designed for adults or older students. Comes with its own sturdy light weight metal stand with 3 adjustable heights to use either sitting or standing. Provides more choice and flexibility with 2 sets of resistance bands for the needs of a greater variety in height and weight of adults who use this device. NEAT™ Certified.

Pro FootFidget®
(3 sets of bands for exercise use)

Designed for Physical and Occupational therapists to use in the clinic or for home programs. Total Body Exerciser comes with its own sturdy light weight metal stand with 3 adjustable heights, and 3 sets of varied resistance bands that can be used singly or in combination for a wide variety of resistance options. A page of exercise examples is included to help you get started.

Traveler FootFidget®
(Compact size for travel)

A small version of our Portable FootFidget® with one notch/one height and a much smaller foot print. A small, compact, highly portable sized unit for use on planes and other transit transportation, and by college students in lecture halls with limited foot/leg space. The concept is to facilitate gentle exercise to the legs to offset the health concerns with prolonged sitting in tight spaces.

Easy Installation – Easy as 1-2-3!

To install the Standing Desk Conversion Kit with The Attachable FootFidget®

Simply remove your desk’s
short leg extensions

Slide the new Standing Desk Conversion Kits longer leg extensions on and secure with hardware provided

Install the Attachable FootFidget®
with hardware provided

Full instructions for the Conversion Kit are provided. It’s that easy!

The FootFidget® Portable, FootFidget® Office, FootFidget® Pro and the FootFidget® Traveler all come with hardware required, assembly instructions and are very simple to assemble. Watch the video!

Go Green! Recycle Your Class Desks into Standing Desks

Don’t throw away that classroom desk to make room for the new standing desks. RECYCLE those desks and SAVE money by turning those desks into standing desks! The extra bonus is that when purchasing the Standing Desk Conversion Kit, you not only get a standing desk, you also get the Attachable FootFidget® Footrest! The Attachable FootFidget® provides the proprioceptive input to further increase focus, attention, and provide ergonomic comfort throughout the day versus standing alone.

• Recycle your present desk into a standing desk – having all the desks in your classroom the same style (color, etc) keeps continuity and minimizes the appearance of the change. This reduces the potential ‘stigma’ of the student being perceived as needing a ‘different’ desk to learn. It is simply taller, and has a ‘cool’ FootFidget® to use!

• Reduce the cost of providing your students with a standing desk and FootFidget®.

• Stretch your schools resources further and have more students gaining the benefit of standing and fidgeting for less money.

• Reduce your Schools Carbon Footprint.

• Reduce your Schools contribution to your local land fill.

• Save natural Resources.

What Researchers Are Saying

“I had trouble paying attention in class. I hate sitting still and just sitting there in that hard chair. Now that I am using my standing desk, I can do better. I can stand or sit (on the stool) and I can use my FootFidget® to help me pay attention more. I love it!

Robert – 5th grade boy