Sitting healthy

We designed FootFidget® products to help you be healthier no matter where or how you spend your day.

FootFidget® products are the only ones on the market designed and created by physical therapists. 

We know getting kids to pay attention in class can be challenging. Studies show when kids move, they pay attention and perform better.

Today’s kids are spending more time in front of all types of screens with less time outdoors. They tend to be more sedentary with weaker core strength than previous generations. A constant focus on academics in the classroom has resulted in less time for recess and PE, and more time sitting in class. This causes fatigue, poor posture, discomfort, and a lack of focus.

Feeling comfortable in a position that supports students’ learning style improves their performance and enhances their entire school experience.

Benefits include a calming effect while increasing focus, attention, concentration, memory, and posture

Circulation is the key to good health. Our current habits of sitting for longer periods of time prevents good circulation.

Sitting is the new smoking. Working out or running does not negate the negative effects of a day of sitting. Using your muscles consistently all day long gives you multiple health benefits, especially with your legs and core. 

FootFidget® products provide gentle exercise that can be done while sitting during the day to maintain circulation. Mayo Clinic and Dr. Levine define this as active sitting. Good circulation benefits your heart, as well as your brain function, and reduces health-related issues from prolonged sitting. 


Woman standing and working

FootFidget® products provide these health-wise benefits:

  • Improved circulation for better brain function, comfort, and overall health
  • Improved focus, concentration, and memory (proprioceptive input)
  • Channeling excess energy to improve attention and focus
  • Decreased low back pain and better comfort and posture 
  • A calmer spirit by getting rid of extra energy 
  • Activating your core with improved strength and posture
  • Burning ~30% more calories while sitting
  • Decreased swelling and less risk of potential deep vein thrombosis for older adults

Take it from the experts:

“Research is starting to mount that movement facilitates focus…daily cardiovascular exercise changes the brain and improves concentration and memory…moving and changing perspective improves learning and memory…and fidgeting improves focus…This idea (of a stand up desk) challenges the antiquated notion that we must sit still in order to pay attention and learn.”
-Roland Rotz, Ph.D., coauthor of Fidget to Focus: Outwit Your Boredom

“Imagine how the school experience would change for all children if teachers understood the neurobiological reason for fidgeting and used fidgeting to enhance learning rather than trying to eliminate it!”
-Sarah Wright, coauthor of Fidget to Focus: Outwit Your Boredom

“Fidgeting to stay focused…sounds counterintuitive, but that is just what Dr. Rotz and Coach Sarah Wright are recommending in their new book, Fidget to Focus. Advocating repetitive sensory-motor activities as a fundamental strategy for improving attention and other cognitive abilities, they present a unique and fun way to turn outer chaos to calm focus.”
-Patricia O. Quinn, MD, director, National Center for Gender Issues and ADHD

Articles demonstrating benefits of standing and fidgeting: