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We will provide replacement parts for any manufacturer’s defect within 60 days of purchase. Please contact us with the specific part defect and we will work with you to resolve the issue. We want you to be absolutely satisfied with our products, but we are unable to take returns because of health concerns.

FootFidget® 2.0

A: We get it! Two ways other schools have funded FootFidget® standing desks and footrests are to (1) ask their parent-teacher organizations to help them fundraise, or (2) apply for grants.

Check in your area for a state or private organization knowledgeable about funding sources. Many private companies have charitable foundations that might be able to help. Here is a sample of a grant written for our products: GRANT SAMPLE

The FootFidget® is especially helpful for extra-energy students who have difficulty focusing in class, low-tone students who tend to melt in their chairs and zone out, and shorter students who need to have their feet grounded. All of these types of students benefit cognitively from fidgeting or gentle leg exercise.

The FootFidget’s® gentle resistive movement increases circulation and provides true proprioceptive input, which positively affect the student’s brain function. Students will benefit from improved focus, attention, concentration, and memory throughout the day.  The FootFidget® also helps calm students when they expel their excess fidgety energy. Read more about the benefits here.

We recommend you start with the middle notch. Observe the student’s position in resting position, with their foot simply resting on the foot piece. The knee should be slightly higher than the hip, with the foot directly below the knee. Movement should be comfortable and the knee should not come in contact with the desk box. Judge if you need to change the height up or down from there.

Unfortunately, no. The attachment sleeves are designed to snap onto the round metal legs of a typical four-leg student desk. Depending on the age of the student, you can use the FootFidget® Portable at tables or other desk styles. Feel free to contact us with questions before ordering.

Yes, as long as it is a single student size desk. The bands will need to be placed in an ‘X’ on the desk legs, instead of the standard parallel installation. Please contact us with any questions before ordering.

Yes. Wipe it down with a mild, organic, non-toxic cleaner. Do not oversaturate. A simple wipe down should do the trick! Do not use harsh chemicals such as bleach as it may deteriorate the elasticity and integrity of the device.

All of the parts of the FootFidget® 2.0 are designed and manufactured in the USA. All parts are safe according to stringent California guidelines.

FootFidget® 2.0 Standing Desk Conversion Kit

When we worked in schools as physical therapists, we were forever looking for a cost-effective way to enable students to stand and fidget in class. We designed desk leg extensions to raise classroom desks up to standing height.

FootFidget® leg extensions give desks new life and keep them out of the landfill. All the desks have the same appearance, but some desks are taller and allow students to stand up in class.

The kit includes the FootFidget® 2.0 as a dynamic footrest for ergonomically correct positioning. The ergonomic positioning relieves low back strain and places the students in a comfortable working position. 

We designed the legs to fit most popular desks on the market today. To accommodate for different desk legs, we have both the 7/8- and 1-inch leg diameters available. We also have 19- and 24-inch lengths for a wide variety of ages and grades.

See the product page for more benefits and measuring guidelines.

The product page explains how to order for average grades and heights if you are ordering a kit for students of a classroom to share.

If you need to ensure the kit will fit a specific student, follow these simple steps:

  1. Have your student stand tall, with arms at side, elbow bent.
  2. Measure from just under the bent elbow to the floor. This is the height of the standing desk needed.
  3. Remove the desk leg from the student’s desk and measure the length.

Calculate the length of extension needed with this formula:

Elbow to floor measurement
Removable desk leg length
Minus 3 inches (overlap for stability) =

Length of leg extension needed

These leg extensions are adjustable like your current desk legs, so this calculation does not need to match 19” or 24” exactly. Match the above calculation to either 19” or 24,” whichever is closest.

Please contact us with any questions before ordering!

As physical therapists, we are acutely aware how movement, weight bearing on joints, and purposeful fidgeting can improve a student’s alertness, focus, and success in the classroom.

In-class motor breaks that allow students to move while still participating in learning are key to an active classroom.

One successful strategy is to place a row of standing desks at the back of the classroom. You can schedule students to take turns using the desks, or allow them to discreetly request to work at this station when they need a motor break.

Once the students get into a routine, they LOVE this option of getting motor breaks without missing out on important face-to-face learning. You’ll have less disruption with students leaving the classroom and bothering their classmates to find out what they missed. They will be much more engaged in learning when their sensory needs are being met.

If standing desks are not an option, the FootFidget® 2.0 can be added to a regular desk (sitting) to provide motor breaks all day long. This is great for students with ADD and ADHD or high-energy students who have difficulty sitting at their desks.

Please refer to the answer above. A row of standing desks at the back of the classroom enables students to take turns for their in-class motor breaks.

It depends on the student. Usually not! If a sitting break is needed, consider borrowing a stool from an art, music, or shop class and see if taking a partial sitting break works for them.

Have the student hold the end of the measuring tape at the gluteal fold (buttocks meet the top of the thigh) and measure to the floor. This is the correct stool height

We do not. However, they are sold on most school catalog websites. They vary greatly in price. You can also ask school support staff is they have an extra stool you could use.

FootFidget® Portable, Office, and Professional (dynamic foot rest and exerciser)

All three models have the same strong, lightweight frame. Each model comes with a different number of resistance bands:

  • Portable (1): one set of black, medium-resistance bands
  • Office (2): one set of black bands, and one set of yellow, heavy-resistance bands
  • Pro (3): one set of black bands; one set of yellow, heavy-resistance bands; and one set of blue, light-resistance bands

The function of all three models is the same. The only difference is the number of bands and resistance. The Portable is our most popular model, and it works very well for general use. The additional bands become more important with specialty use. Feel free to contact us if you’re having problems deciding among the three:

  • Portable: Our bestseller; can be used in all applications with the two medium-resistance bands. Great for use by students and adults when sitting, and general exercise use while sitting or lying down.
  • Office: The combination of medium- and heavy-resistance bands is useful for larger individuals, especially when used standing. The yellow bands’ heavier resistance improves overall balance while standing to work. The yellow bands are also helpful for higher-level strengthening, standing balance, and core exercises.
  • Pro: The medium black, heavy yellow, and blue light-resistance bands are typically used in physical and occupational therapy clinics. Black can be used for pre-gait exercises while sitting; yellow for balance and core exercises; blue for fine motor exercises; or yellow and black combined for athlete workouts. Anyone looking for more resistance options would benefit from the FootFidget Pro.

Yes! We strongly recommend the FootFidget® 2.0 for younger students or students with behavioral concerns. But the FootFidget® Portable can be great for these students:

  • Teens without behavioral concerns and who can follow directions on how to use this device. It can be used at tables and can be easily carried when changing classrooms.
  • Students doing homework who are successfully using a FootFidget® product at school and can continue the benefits at home. Evaluation of behavior and ability to follow directions are needed.
  • Students who are home schooled. Evaluation of behavior and physical ability to follow directions are needed.

The FootFidget® Office can be used at work as a fidgeting health device, and after work as an exercise device:

  • Adults who sit a great deal at a desk can improve their circulation. Improved circulation improves health and brain function. Fidgeting burning more calories than just sitting. Get those steps in while sitting!
  • Placing one foot on the Office at a standing desk provides solid ergonomic positioning, decreases low back strain, and provides gentle exercise to keep circulation moving more effectively from your feet to your heart, and brain!
  • Less active adults can maintain circulation and decrease their health concerns with prolonged sitting.

FootFidget® products promote an active lifestyle. Dr. James Levine, a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, coined the phrase “Sitting is the new smoking.” He found that extended sitting can be harmful. Dr. Levine advocates “constant mild movement and exercise” as more beneficial than occasional periods of exercise. The FootFidget® Portable was tested and NEAT™ certified by Mayo Clinic as an active lifestyle device. NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, the daily calories a person burns while doing normal, non-exercise activity.

As Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic concluded, sitting is the new smoking. The FootFidget® Portable’s mild resistive movement promotes increased large core/hip and leg muscle mass, which increases overall circulation. This promotes an active lifestyle, another term coined by Dr. Levine. The FootFidget® Portable can help older adults through:

  • Increasing circulation, decreasing the potential for deep vein thrombosis and ankle swelling; and improving posture and comfort sitting
  • Improving cognitive function with increased alertness, focus, less grogginess, and increased memory
  • Gradually improving overall strength and balance through core and leg exercise
  • Adding exercise throughout the day without fatigue

The Portable can be used sitting at one’s desk to improve circulation during working hours, and then double as an exercise device at lunch or after hours! Please consult your doctor or physical therapist before starting any new exercise regime.

These exercise suggestions can get you started. You will find it easy and intuitive to add and modify the exercises and add more to fit your specific exercise goals. The FootFidget® Portable:

  • Provides great resistance and positioning for leg and arm exercises
  • Provides activities to improve balance and core strength
  • Helps improve overall core strength and endurance through daily use

Tipping is most likely because of positioning, safety, and ergonomics. Your knee must be directly over your foot and the device. You should be pressing straight down on the foot piece. This design is to ensure proper use and prevent improper positioning, which can lead to low back strain. Notice the positioning in the photos.

Use the bottom notch if it is comfortable when sitting. It is the most stable.

If you are an active user, place one toe at the base of the curved portion of the frame while using it with the opposite foot.

FootFidget® Traveler

Great question and observation! The Traveler is a much smaller version of the Portable. The design of both frames is the same, but the Traveler is half the size and comes with the lighter-resistance band.

It depends on where you want to use your FootFidget®.  The Traveler was designed to be used when less foot space is available, like on airplanes or lecture halls. The Traveler requires no tools to assemble, and it comes with a travel bag, making it easy to transport. The Traveler movement is adequate to provide the health benefits of increased circulation needed when faced with confined sitting for considerable periods of time. It fits easily in the limited available foot space under airline seats, lecture halls, buses, or trains.

For constant, daily use, we recommend the Portable. The Portable is our best seller and has great excursion (movement) and more overall stability than the Traveler.

Still have questions?

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