A small device with big benefits in the clinic
FootFidget helps students succeed

Use in your OT or PT clinic

Use in schools

The FootFidget® Pro can be used to:

  • Exercise all four extremities and core
  • Help with balance and conditioning
  • Provide exercise for difficult-to-position patients or challenging positions while exercising higher-level patients
  • Do a perfect pre-gait training warmup activity
  • Provide resistance in any position, with three color-coded resistance bands (blue: light, black: medium, yellow: heavy)
  • Measure your progress as a diagnostic tool 
  • Provide another tool for your balance, home, and core strengthening programs
  • Put the patient in virtually any position to isolate previously difficult muscle groups with upper or lower extremities, along with core strengthening

Using FootFidget® with your patients will decrease their lower back strain and increase their circulation, focus, and comfort. The lightweight portable design allows the device to be easily moved throughout the clinic.

Exercise suggestions come with the device and are available here.

FootFidget® products can help when:

  • You need to address IEP goals
  • Teachers ask for help to keep a student from falling out of their chair
  • Students are melting in their chairs and can’t pay attention
  • Kids are moving or tapping their feet or pencils, distracting others 
  • Students can’t pay attention to their lessons
  • A child is constantly asking to get a drink, go to the bathroom, or see the nurse

We developed FootFidget® products while working as school physical therapists. The classroom-tested FootFidget® 2.0 and Standing Desk Conversion Kit help your students be more successful.

Sitting or standing, students can purposefully fidget their feet and legs, leaving their hands free for learning. Our products reduce excess fidgety energy; improve attention, posture, and comfort; and increase circulation. Our products are sturdy, quiet, and discreet and do not distract other students. They can help your students meet their IEP goals.

Our products are quickly and easily installed with hardware included where needed. 

FootFidget® Professional

Pro at work

Purchase and learn more about the FootFidget® Professional.

FootFidget® 2.0


Purchase and learn more about the FootFidget® 2.0.

FootFidget® Standing Desk Conversion Kit


Purchase and learn more about the Standing Desk Conversion Kit.