Turn classroom into active learning

FootFidget® products are classroom tested and really work! They can help your students be more successful in the classroom and help meet your students’ IEP goals. Installation is quick and easy, with hardware included where needed.

FootFidget® product development started in the classroom. Our founders were working as physical therapists in a school district. They invented FootFidget® products to provide purposeful fidgeting exercise for students’ feet and legs, leaving their hands free for classwork while improving focus and attention.

FootFidget® products were scientifically and ergonomically designed to safely provide the correct amount of resistance with the best possible positioning. This combination results in increased circulation and improved overall health, either sitting or standing.

FootFidget® products can help with these classroom challenges:

  • Provide true proprioceptive input to reduce sensory-seeking behavior
  • Channel energy to improve focus and attention while sitting or standing
  • Help students purposefully fidget with their legs and feet to improve comfort and posture
  • Reduce out-of- classroom motor breaks to maintain face-to-face learning time

Our products are sturdy, quiet, discreet, and non-distracting to other students.

Research has found that students using a standing desk as well as a dynamic footrest experience more ergonomic and health  benefits than using a standing desk alone.

FootFidget® 2.0

As physical therapists, we know getting kids to stay still can be challenging.

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The FootFidget® 2.0 is ergonomically designed to fit all four legs of the desk in an “X” design, with just the right amount of resistance for expelling excess energy while improving focus. Similar products attached to only two legs do not provide ergonomic support or durability. The ‘X’ design provides safe and correct ergonomic positioning and provides leg and core activation to improve circulation and overall health.

Read more about the FootFidget® 2.0

  • Only ergonomically correct device of its kind on the market
  • Provides a calming effect while increasing focus, attention, concentration, memory, posture, and comfort
  • Attaches to four desk legs in the middle for the best ergonomic positioning
  • Quick and easy to install; no tools required
  • Three adjustable heights for comfort
  • Black, quiet, and nondistracting design for the classroom
  • Enables a 90-90-90 “ready to learn” position
  • Provides core activation, which improves posture
  • Has just the right amount of resistance so students can expel excess fidgety energy without becoming fatigued

Standing Desk Conversion Kit

Go green by recycling your class desks into standing desks. Repurpose your students’ desks with our Standing Desk Conversion Kit, which includes the attachable FootFidget® 2.0.

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Repurpose your students’ desktops as standing desks and save money and resources. Your elementary- and middle-school students will benefit from standing and fidgeting. 

Read more about the FootFidget® Standing Desk Conversion Kit.

When all the desks in a classroom have the same style, the continuity reduces stigma from different learning needs.

You’ll support your students by providing standing desks at a low cost, reducing waste, and saving natural resources.

Save money by purchasing several standing desk kits for each classroom (the back of the classroom is ideal). You can provide all students the chance to take movement breaks, reducing lost face-to-face learning time out of the classroom.

Use the measuring guide on the product page to order the correct size leg extensions.

The Standing Desk Conversion kit offers:

  • An ergonomically correct standing position with one leg raised to reduce back strain
  • Improved focus, attention, and memory with fidgeting
  • Core and postural activation for comfort all day long
  • Calming effect from ability to expend excess energy
  • Better circulation improving brain function
  • Capacity to burn 30% more calories than merely sitting
  • Expels fidgety energy to improve attention in class without fatigue

FootFidget® Portable

Ideal for older students who change classrooms

Can be used sitting or standing at tables or in lab rooms

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Use this free-standing portable unit to improve focus and posture at home or school. Has a lightweight metal frame, 1 set of medium resistance bands and 3 adjustable height notches comfort.

Studies have demonstrated increased circulation results in improved cognitive benefits and users burned an average of 30% more calories than just sitting.

Read more about the FootFidget® Portable.

  • Ergonomically correct position for fidgeting while standing or sitting
  • Improved focus, attention, concentration, and memory
  • Core activation improves posture and comfort
  • Just the right amount of resistance to allow students to expel fidgety energy without becoming fatigued
  • Three adjustable heights for comfort
  • Ability to burn an average of 30% more calories than sitting alone
  • Improved circulation to improve overall health

NOTE: The FootFidget® Portable is not recommended for younger students or those with behavioral concerns, because it is not attached to a desk. In these instances, we recommend the FootFidget® 2.0, which attaches to all four desk legs.