Stay healthier on your next flight

Travelers: Lessen the tired feeling in your legs while traveling

College students: Boost your attention and focus when in class

  • Do you dread that long flight while sitting in a cramped airline seat for hours?
  • Are you worried about getting blood clots and swelling in your legs?
  • Do you dread arriving at your destination feeling tired and lethargic? 
  • Do you get fidgety when sitting in a crowded lecture hall? 

Take the FootFidget® Traveler on your next flight or to your next lecture. It even comes in its own travel tote bag to carry on board as a medical device.

Sitting too long in confined spaces while traveling slows circulation, causing all types of health issues.

  • Do you feel cramped up in a tight lecture hall, trying to pay attention?
  • Are you experiencing low back pain or leg cramps?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable and have problems paying attention during long lectures in cramped seating?

Wouldn’t you rather get the most out of your classes by feeling alert, focused, and energized?

Did you know you can burn 30% more calories by fidgeting while attending lectures or doing homework?

Using the FootFidget® Traveler in your college classes helps maintain your circulation, improves your mood and alertness, and improves your brain function and heart health.

FootFidget® Traveler


Increase your circulation, improve your mood and alertness, and promote brain and heart health while you are sitting. You can stay healthy and improve your alertness and well-being even when traveling and sitting in cramped spaces.

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